Just jump to the swipe up.
When you are in the air as well, and can air jump at the swipe up.
However, the number of steps that can air jump by character is different.

Walk and Slow?
To walk, you can swipe down, and keep your fingers.
When you are in the air it can also be slow down in the swipe down.

Good Player?
Skillful person, use the swipe down in the air.
In addition,
When you are walking in swipe down,
We have control by a jump in swipe up without lifting a finger.

Video Ads?
Video ads will flow and press the button of Get Coins. So that game to suit you will find.
To you a gift coins If you look at the advertisement moving image to the end.
It is a shortcut to unlock your favorite character.

When you click the video icon, you can share your earlier game play video.We have raised to introduce to your friends.

Do you have a question?
Click on the mail icon, please me a question.
Your question is a better game.

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